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Bonwhis began as Fredrik was in need for a name for his first domain. Not knowing that the name would stick with him for so long, it was chosen at random, at least almost. At the time his family had two lovely dogs -Bonnie and Whiskey…Divine creativity took over that particular day. It suggested taking ‘Bon’ from Bonnie and ‘Whis’ from Whiskey and simply put them together to form ‘Bonwhis’. There you have it…

The dogs are long gone, but the name remained and now serves as a platform under which we publish our work.

Currently the focus is to produce educational content for the tablet market, in particular with a focus on history.  We try to provide an engaging and simple approach to our work. The apps should trigger interest for young and old alike, and can be used in the classroom as an enhancement to the curriculum.

The texts are written by historians and journalists and based on commonly accepted versions: the official, encyclopedic one as well as the popular common knowledge one.

If you would like to get in touch with us please use the social media buttons or click here.


Fredrik Moberg

Fredrik Moberg

Producer, Graphic Designer

I studied communication and history at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Later, I decided to expand my knowledge within IT and went to the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now I live in Berlin focusing on creating educational content for the digital market. Currently most projects are focusing on history, which I love, however, here at Bonwhis are not limited to only that, we have some interesting projects coming up.

Juan Galva

Juan Galva

Script writer

Text is coming…


The page is a bit messy at the time but we are working on improving it.

All the best

Bonwhis Team

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