“All English Monarchs in one place”

In the year 871A.D. Alfred the Great’s older brother Ethelred dies, leaving the lands of Wessex as a lone point of resistance against the heathen Danes. In the following centuries English monarchs encounter many challenges to remain in power and keep their kingdom a dominant force in the world.

If you are new to the Monarchy of England, this app will serve as a great introduction to one of the oldest monarchies still present today.Immensely valuable for adults interested in Great Britain’s history and as a tool for students at any level.




  • Custom written biographical essays on all the English crowned monarchs from Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Fun graphics and an engaging interface.

  • A detailed time line that provides a valuable context, including small passages about some of the more important events.

  • Several interactive maps.

  • Over 200 beautiful vintage photographs, prints and portraits.

  • Lots of articles relating to the English Monarchs.

  • Re-designed royal family tree.


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